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Collectables was an ambitious mobile project we started based around figure collecting and battling.

Ultimately the scope was too large for us to handle alone without external funding. So it's on the back burner for now. We're still very fond the idea so if anyone is interested in helping fund it please do contact us.

The game is based around three core ideas.

  • Collecting (it's in the name). Hundreds of unique figures and themed ranges released in timed/limited phases to add rarity. Then the collectors dilemma of leaving the figure in the packaging (and trading it) or opening it (and battling it).

  • Battling, Opened figures have a set of attacks, some unique, some general. Always at least one signature move. Figures are upgraded using stickers in a sticker book. Teams are built from the figures you own. Battles are played out against other randomly picked (real) human player teams - but offline. Battling earns you cash which you either spend on Gacha rolls to get new figures or in the Auction House.

  • Trading. Auction House based trading where you can trade unopened (spare) figures, stickers and upgrades. The auction house was intended to be fully player driven but with automated clearing of lower level figures to keep the market liquid.

A Pre-Vis by Rob of a battle. Everything was modelled and animated in 3d, but we really wanted it to look 80s cartoon, all the way down to the 15fps stop frame.

We got pretty close - see the working prototype video later.

A white box mock up of game flow by Rob. (Ignore the obvious placeholder copyright infringements 😉)

Footage of the playable demo. Still quite a lot of placeholder stuff and no Auction House yet, but the battle is all realtime 3d using spliced Unity Timeline sequences.

It's your own cartoon sequence at the end of the day!

Concept Gallery And Evolution

(All Copyrighted Elements belong to their respective owners and were only placeholder)

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