Slipstream 82

Ride the Slipstreams to go faster-and-faster; dodge the traffic at the last instant until you can trigger your Turbo - then blast straight through the cars at mind-warping speed to gain those extra seconds to win!


The challenge increases as you progress - even higher speeds, death defying hazards and the Neon City Police chasing you down.

Be The Boulder

You play the boulder in this hilarious action arcade romp. Roll, Splat and Punt the runners out the way as you hurtle to victory. Beat challenges to earn extra points and level up to unlock new features and levels.


Prototype Work

We are a small Indie Dev Studio so a lot of our time is spent prototyping new ideas and experimenting. 

Collectables was an ambitious mobile project we started based around figure collecting and battling.

Ultimately the scope was too large for us to handle alone without external funding. So it's on the back burner for now. We're still very fond the idea so if anyone is interested in helping fund it please do contact us.

A lot more detail here>

From an original concept by Stu to final product in a couple of months.

More Here>

Another great concept from Stu. 1 month from concept to release. Learning from Slipstream we added loads of features to keep it fresh and fun. Most notably hand curated levels and a progression system coupled with custom challenges. 

More Here>

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